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Types of Fire Systems and Installations

Different Types of Most Reliable Fire Protection System

Fires are some of the most destructive accidents in any establishment, once it has spread, it is difficult to contain which often leads to massive loss of property and sometimes lives. To counter the effects of fire or to take care of it in a timely manner one is advised to install a well done and maintained fire sprinkler system that will activate whenever irregular high temperatures are detected in any one room. Fire sprinklers are known to completely handle and take care of sudden fires 97% of the time hence protecting property and lives. This is why you need professionals to install and test any of the different types of sprinklers in your home or establishment.

Wet Systems

This is the most common and effective way of getting rid of any fire that starts. The sprinklers are linked to high-pressure pipes containing water that are activated to release water whenever any detection of fire is made. This can be either abnormally high temperatures or smoke that may cause fire. The sprinklers immediately go off letting out water that potentially gets rid of the fire danger.

Dry Sprinkler Systems

In these types of sprinklers, pressurized nitrogen is filled in the pipes and not water. This is usually done in cases where the pipes are expected to be exposed to very low temperatures that would normally cause the water to freeze. The air is made to prevent water from entering the pipe unless a fire breaks when the sprinklers will be open letting out the air thus allowing water out of the sprinklers to take care of the fire.

Fire Pumps

Sometimes the high pressure needed to push out water to stop a fire cannot be reached; this is why it is important to have a fire pump that is powered electrically or using diesel. The pump draws water from another water supply point directing it to the pipes and out the sprinklers hence putting out the fire.

Sprinkler Heads

These are the ones with the heat detection sensors that allow the sprinkler to be activated whenever there is a fire, and they allow the water to be released through them. They are the most important component in stopping fires as they are the key to every other step.

Stand Pipes

These are the many pipes that are interconnected to each other which come from a major source of water which allow firefighters to get access to water required to stop a huge fire that the sprinklers were not able to completely take out.

These are the most important components that help in having great fire sprinklers systems just in case a fire starts in your premises and before the fire fighters get to the scene of the fire. You need to ensure that all of these are properly installed. Fire and Safety Company inspects and repairs both wet & dry systems. We can help you get rid of the fire risk and of fire property destruction.

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