Quick Fill System

The Quick-Fill System

The Quick-Fill System lets MSA air mask users refill and transfill air cylinders while SCBA is worn, without removing air cylinder —even in IDLH atmospheres.

With a quick connect design you can rapidly fill a bottle between 40 and 60 sec. Doffing of the air mask is not required.

Use this MSA option to:
•    Fill SCBA cylinder from mobile compressor or cascade system in less than a minute.
•    Transfill between two cylinders, providing emergency breathing system.
•    Extend air supply over longer durations, using remote compressed-air source.

Air masks compliant to recent NFPA standards have Quick-Fill URC fitting located at the Audi-Larm™ Audible Alarm warning device.

Quick-Fill System hose with quick-disconnect connects air source to adapter for air transfer.

Learn more about MSA SCBA G1.

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