Some of MSA G1 SCBA Safety Features

Be Heard

Every MSA G1 SCBA is equipped with electronic voice amplification because high quality fireground communications shouldn’t be optional. With patent-pending design, dual microphones integrated into the regulator eliminate the Darth Vader-like inhalation sound. This unique feature automatically activates and shuts down with the unit.

Shoulder strap-mounted speaker module provides loud and clear communications from the regulator microphone while maintaining low profile to aid in reducing snag points. Every MSA G1 SCBA is equipped with this cutting edge technology.

When Air is Low, Seconds Matter

When air is low and you must access the Universal Air Connection (UAC) for emergency purposes, seconds matter. That’s why MSA invented the patent-pending RIT light to shine a bright white LED on the UAC connection, making it easier to find and connect to a rescue air source. The primary UAC illuminates when End of Service Time Indicator (EOSTI) reaches 35%.

Learn more about increased safety and situational awareness.

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